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Country Security Officer – Mali

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The Organization:

IFDC is an independent non-profit organization that combines innovative research, market systems development, and strategic partnerships to identify and scale sustainable soil solutions for improved food security and livelihoods around the world.


  • Responsible for the set-up and implementation of in-country operational security risk management.


Communication & Reporting:

  • Communication is the main pillar of security; ensure always to maintain a solid communication with staff, partners, other NGOs and other stakeholders and value any information, even based on rumors and pass to Country Representative;
  • Ensure staff members and visitors are always updated on security situation in the country – by e-mail, SMS, or other communication system.
  • Ensure that communication tools and equipment are functioning well and in working condition;
  • Ensure that communication material is available and fully charged;
  • Never relay on a single communication network, have 2nd or even 3rd means of communication;
  • Coordinate with Local partners and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Attend relevant (INSO and/or other) security meetings after approval of Country Representative;
  • Update Country Representative on security situation in the field;
  • Provide security briefings and debriefings to newcomers, travelling staff and others;
  • Provide minutes of meetings to relevant stakeholders;
  • Compile a monthly security report and analysis;
  • Write regular security management reports with situational analysis and recommendations;
  • Ensure that IFDC’s Country Security Plan is relevant and updated as appropriate and that all staff members and visitors know their roles and responsibilities.

Staff, Program & Premises Safety & Security:

  • Monitors staff and visitor adherence to the Country Security Plan;
  • Actively involved in support to and follow-up of security incidents;
  • Acts as coordinator in the Local crisis Response Team (LRT);
  • Ensures updated risk assessment of program locations and related mitigation measures;
  • Take appropriate security/safety measurements to limit and mitigate the security/safety risk and damages of IFDC premises;
  • Secures IFDC premises and personnel and ensure monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting office compound, equipment, and access points and entry gates;
  • Ensures IFDC compound is safe and secure, and maintained to prevent unauthorized entries;
  • Ensures security guards are well aware of and equipped to their responsibilities and present 24/7 on duty;
  • Monitor on regular bases and ensure IFDC premises are well equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, hibernation kits and emergency contact list;
  • Monitor on regular basis and ensure security guards have access to basic security equipment (torch, mobile phone + charger and credit and IFDC emergency contact list).
  • Ensure there is safe area for fleet parking, drivers alerted for any evacuation in an immediate notice;
  • Conduct a security assessment of IFDC new premises before IFDC goes with contract signatures;
  • Identify an exit routes and arrange transportation and safety measurements to evacuate staff – in case the situation turns into violence;

Transport & movement Safety & Security:

  • Coordinate staff movement in the field – in coordination with Security Focal Point and Country Representative;
  • Ensure all vehicles equipped with updated fire extinguishers, first aid kits and IFDC emergency numbers, if not, inform NAFO/Security Focal Point to update;
  • Ensure all cars seat belt are working and staff members are following the safety instruction;
  • Monitor with Logistic team support the car movement and speed limit of the vehicles in IFDC with the GPS tracking system;
  • Organizes relevant permits, together with Country Representative and NAFO.

Capacity building:

  • Ensure all staff members and visitors are aware of IFDC Country Security Plan and other internal safety & security documents;
  • Identify needs for Safety & Security training for staff (both national and international);
  • Organize Safety & Security training in order to get full awareness and compliance to the in-country safety & security situation, risks, and mitigation measures.


The ideal candidate should have a background in a relevant Safety & Security field, with a minimum of 2 years of experience working as an NGO security officer.

  • Should demonstrate previous experience with NGO security and/or project management.
  • Should demonstrate understanding of NGO safety practices and principles and their application.
  • Should demonstrate experience of effective contacts with national and local authorities, non- state actors and military forces.
  • Should be willing and ready to support the IFDC team in designing and implementing the appropriate risk reduction strategy (acceptance, protection, deterrence) especially for remote field locations.
  • Ability to write good quality reports and a Country Security Plan.
  • Has a proven ability to work across multiple technical areas simultaneously, supporting multiple staff members.
  • Has expertise in responding to security incidents, conducting security assessments establishing a Country Security Plan (policy & procedures).
  • A collaborative colleague, able to create a shared vision of security with the country team.
  • Ability to help Country Representative, Security Focal Point, and other team members in learning regarding Safety & Security issues.
  • Has a network of security contacts and information sources in order to gather information on emerging events and trends quickly and accurately.
  • Able to spot trends and keep IFDC Global Security Manager informed about country risks and support needs.
  • Knowledge of / insight in the country (security) context.


  • Willing to travel up to 50% of time.


  • Post of assignment will be in Bamako, Mali.

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